Map of Raleigh’s 1863 Entrenchments Completely Revised

Recently I completed a new Google map of the Raleigh Civil War entrenchments, based on what I believe to be a more accurate takeoff of the original 1863 survey by the entrenchments’ designer, CSA Lt Col Henry T. Guion. You can access the map via this link:

Click here to view the map

Besides developing what I think is a more accurate map, based on anchor points on the Raleigh street grid, I have also included the mapping study completed earlier this year by a team from Richard Grubb & Associates, a cultural resources historical and archaeological firm. If you zoom in on the lines of entrenchments marked on the Google map, you will see three lines, which all correspond very closely and rarely vary more than 200 feet. My mapping study is marked in black. Grubb’s study is marked in blue and red, blue representing a takeoff of the original 1863 Guion map; red representing the lines on the 1865 Drayton map, which I believe to be a copy of the Guion map.

Below is a detail showing how to identify these three studies on the Google map. Also, I have indicated how to switch “Base map” views so as to examine the map in street view, satellite view, and other modes:

Here’s a screen shot of the overall fortifications map. This image is clickable and will lead you to the live version of the map:

As always, I’m very interested to see comments from readers, so please feel free to add your thoughts or questions below.

ARB — 19 Oct. 2021


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