Reconstructed Earthworks at Petersburg Natl. Battlefield

So far, my research indicates that there might be locations in Raleigh where the city’s Civil War earthworks can still be identified and studied. There might not be much left above ground, but archaeological studies are capable of investigating subsurface sites, and some of the prospective locations remain undeveloped or lightly developed even today. Certainly it should be possible to stake out such things as lines of entrenchments, parapets, and rifle pits on today’s landscape.

I would think that a variety of historic preservation efforts might be made, depending on the nature of the site — even if it just means marking out where an entrenchment line once stood, or placing an interpretive kiosk at a location. Another possibility would be to do some kind of reconstruction. This has been done at some battlefield parks, and could be an interesting project for Raleigh, especially at a location owned by a public or non-profit entity, or even a supportive private owner.

Many examples of such reconstruction can be seen at the Petersburg [Virginia] National Battlefield. Clark Thompson recently posted a great collection of photos from Petersburg on the Facebook group “American Civil War.” I’m not sure that I can embed his photos here, but it might be possible for you to see them by following the link to his album:

ARB — 2 February 2020

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